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Visa Type Visa Cost (USD) Service Fee (USD) Number Of Entries Max Stay Validity Action
Tourist eVisa 25.00 49.00 Single 30 days 90 days
Tourist eVisa 60.00 59.00 Multiple 30 days 180 Days
Tourist eVisa



Tourist eVisa


30 days

90 days

Tourist eVisa



Tourist eVisa


30 days

180 Days


In November 2017, the Government of Egypt introduced e-Visa system to make the travel experience in Egypt more convenient. This system was implemented on 3 December, 2017. Under this eVisa system, citizens of 70 countries approximately who hold a valid passport can apply for Tourist e-visa and Business e-Visa for Egypt. The passport must have validity of up to 6 months after your date of arrival in Egypt. The validity of the e-Visa is up to 90 days from your date of arrival in Egypt with maximum 30 days of stay limit.

Egypt offers world-class and exceptional tourist attractions, such as the Pyramids located at Giza, cafe culture, and sensational museums in Cairo, not to mention some of the finest diving spots located in the Red Sea. Travelers would never want to miss the treasure of archaeological and cultural riches in Egypt. Cairo recently opened the long-awaited museum in the country, expected to be the grandest archaeological repository in the world. 

Egypt requires a visa to most countries and implemented exceptions to its neighboring countries. See your eligibility to apply for an Egypt visa today.



There are various ways to obtain a visa for entry. Egypt has an exceptional service to make the process easier for travelers. Nationals from eligible countries may get their travel permit electronically or upon arrival. Travelers who intend to stay longer than ninety (90) days may visit the nearest Consulate or Egyptian embassy.



To stabilize the seamless processing of visas, the Egyptian government launched the e-Visa platform in 2017. Eligible foreign nationals can get a permit to travel in the country via an online application. It saves them ample time from document consolidation and waiting in queues at the airport.

E-visa is a simple and easy process. Foreign nationals may submit their application a week before their travel. They must put accurate and complete information in the form to avoid discrepancies. After filling out the necessary fields, review all the details after clicking submit. 

The instructions to pay the visa fee using a credit card, debit card, and other payment channels are available in the portal. The applicant will receive a confirmation code upon registration. They must include a copy or scanned image of the requirements, such as passport, invitation letter, etc. There is no option to change, add or omit information after submitting the form. Once approved, the system will send an electronic visa via email. The traveler has to print and present it to the border authorities.

Requirements for Egypt Tourist E-Visa

  • Passport should be valid for at least six months before arrival in Egypt
  • Digital passport-sized photo of the applicant in a white background
  • Travel itinerary
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Invitation letter from a company or relatives residing in Egypt (for business or family visits)


If a traveler does not have the time to go to a consulate or does not want to lodge an electronic application, the Egypt on-arrival visa is a safe option. Immigration will check the necessary documents before entry. Border authorities have the right to deny the entrance of travelers who do not comply with the travel requirements and policy. 

Important Note: The requirements for on-arrival visas are the same as the requirement for e-Visa. 

On-Arrival Visa Conditions and Limitations:

Nationals from all countries are eligible to get an On-Arrival visa for thirty (30) days except the ones listed below:

  • Turkey – Travelers age forty-five (45) years old and above or eighteen (18) years old and below
  • Sudan – Travelers from Sudan can apply for visa-on-arrival if they have an existing residence permit issued by an EU Member State, Australia, Canada, USA, or The United States of America
  • GCC Member State – They apply for visa-on-arrival if they have at least six months left on their GCC Member State residential permit



Foreign nationals not part of the E-Visa, Visa On Arrival application, and Visa exception list may apply through an Egyptian Consulate or Embassy near their area. Travelers who need more days than the given period have to consult in the office directly. The application procedure may vary depending on the location. Applicants may contact them as most embassies and Consulates require an appointment, and some may conduct an interview. They have to fill in the form, submit a printed copy of their documents and pay the visa fee directly at the office. Some offices allow requirements submission via mail and payment via bank transfer. 


The timeframe to get the result may take weeks or even months. The embassy advises the applicants to allow enough days for the visa approval and submit an application at least a month before their intended travel. In some cases, foreign nationals have to go back to the office for follow-ups. If the embassy or Consulate approves the application, applicants may pick up their passport or have it mailed along with their visa. 

Egypt Visa Requirements Through Embassy and Consulate Application

  • Two copies of the Egypt Visa application form 
  • Two recent 2X2 passport-size pictures of the applicant taken in a white background
  • The passport must be valid for six months from the date of arrival.
  • Passport must have two remaining visas blank pages. 
  • Two scanned or photocopies of the passport information page
  • If the applicant is not a citizen of the country from which they apply, they must present a resident permit.
  • Return or onward flight tickets
  • Confirmed hotel booking or details of accommodation in Egypt
  • Applicants who are traveling for business must present a letter of invitation from a company. 
  • Proof of settled visa fee 
  • Applications submitted via mail must have a self-addressed and prepaid envelope so that the embassy will have no trouble returning the passports and documents. 

Important Disclaimer: The list above is a general requirement to apply for an Egypt Visa. The embassy or Consulate may add more requirements depending on the purpose of travel. The reviewer has the right to decline the visa application as they see fit.



The Arab Republic of Egypt classified their type of visa according to the purpose of travel and duration of stay. 

I. Type C Short-Term Egypt Visa 

  • Tourist Visa – Tourist Visa is available for single-entry and multiple-entry. It is a travel document for recreational purposes. Travelers may stay up to a maximum of ninety (90) days. (Check Egypt Visa Exception Column to see the list of visa-free countries)
  • Business or Fair Participation Visa – Business or Fair Participation Visa grants individuals to visit Egypt for business purposes. It includes conferences, meetings, fairs, unpaid training without labor, or incentivized employment. This type of visa requires an invitation letter from businesses or organizations in Egypt which states the sponsorship and details of the visit.  
  • Friend, Relative, or Family Visit Visa – This visa is for foreign nationals visiting their friend or family residing in Egypt. This type of visa requires an invitation letter from the person whom they plan to visit. 
  • Cultural, Conference, or Sports Visit Visa – Egypt processes individual and bulk application for cultural activity held in the country. This type of visa requires an invitation letter from a sponsored association that organizes the event. 
  • Internship or Short-Term Education Visa – Internship or Short-Term Education Visa grants students to stay in Egypt for an internship or educational purposes, such as short courses, time-based research, etc. This type of visa requires an invitation letter from an educational institution, along with a certificate of qualification and proof of accommodation. 

II. Type D Long-Term Egypt Visa
Egypt grants Type D Visa for foreign nationals who may stay in Egypt longer than three (3) months, such as the following:  

  • A student who plans to; stay in Egypt for a long-term internship, avail a language course, or study at a higher education institution. 
  • For individuals offered to be a seasonal or long-term employee from a business or company in Egypt 
  • For an individual who has offered to be; a researcher, scientist, or any academic role in a certified research center in Egypt. 
  • An applicant whose first-degree family member is an Egypt citizen
  • For a patient with plans to receive a long-term medication in a certified medical institution in Egypt
  • Investor, private entrepreneur, or businessman who founded or managed a legal entity that contributes to the economic development of Egypt

III. Egypt Transit Visa

  • If the traveler's transit is less than six (6) hours, they do not need a transit visa. They can roam in the transit area but must not leave the airport. 
  • If the transit is six (6) hours to forty-eight (48) hours, travelers can visit the surrounding areas near the airport. They have to present proof of onward travel along with their passport. 
  • If the transit is more than forty-eight (48) hours, the traveler must get an Egypt Visa to stay longer than the allowable period.



Egypt waives the visa requirements for some countries. Certain conditions and limitations may apply upon travel. Foreign nationals from the countries listed below are eligible to stay in Egypt for up to 90 days: 

  • Bahrain
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon (Charter flights can only enter through Hurghada Airport, Borg El Arab Airport, or Sharm el-sheik Airport)
  • Macao
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Malaysia (eligible to stay for up to 14 days)
  • Afghanistan – travelers aged fifty (50) and over or sixteen (16) years old and under get exempted from the visa requirement
  • Algeria – travelers age fourteen (14) and under
  • China – Chinese nationals must have a return or onward ticket, confirmed accommodation in a four or 5-star hotel, and $2000 as proof of financial capacity.
  • Libya – Resident and women of the Butnan District during Sundays and Mondays flight
  • Jordan – Travelers who own an ordinary 5-year passport without the Jordanian Registration Office stamp at the back cover
  • Lebanon – Travelers who are fifty (50) years old and over or 16 years old and under (Residence of Alexandria and South Sinai can travel in Egypt visa-free regardless of age)
  • Morocco – Travelers who are fourteen years old (14) years old and under
  • Sudan – Female nationals who are fifty (50) years old and over or sixteen (16) years old and under 
  • South Sudan – Female nationals who are fifty (50) years old and over or sixteen (16) years old and under 
  • Tunisia – Travelers who are fourteen years old (14) years old and under
  • Yemen – Travelers who are fifty (50) years old and over or sixteen (16) years old and under (only traveling for medical purposes)
  • Palestine – Travelers who are forty (40) years old and over or eighteen (18) years old and under get a visa waiver provided that they have a travel document issued by Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, or Syria 

Egypt implemented visa exemption to some countries provided that they are traveling in bulk. The group must have at least five people traveling on the same itinerary. Travelers from the following countries must also have a return or onward flight ticket, hotel accommodation, and letter of invitation as part of the requirement:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lebanon
  • Moldova (excluding women between fifteen and thirty-five years of age)
  • Children of an Egyptian father (does not include travelers from Syria, Qatar, Iraq, or Yemen)
  • Children of an Egyptian mother born after 25th of July 2004 (does not include travelers from Syria, Qatar, Iraq, or Yemen)
  • A woman married to an Egyptian man (excluding travelers from Syria, Qatar, Iraq, or Yemen)

Travelers from the following countries must obtain pre-authorization before applying for an e-Visa. The nationals from the countries below need to visit a Consulate and get pre-approval from Egyptian State Security Authorities:

  • Iraq
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kosovo
  • Lebanon
  • Nicaragua
  • Russia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Turkey
  • Mauritania
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Yemen


Documents Required for Egyptian eVisa Online / Visa on arrival / ETA / Invite letters

1- A recent digital photograph of the applicant.

2- Scanned color copies of your passport with minimum validity of up to 6 months.

1- A proper and valid visa is required before you enter into The Arab Republic of Egypt.

2- The e-Visa for Egypt is issued both for single entry as well as multiple entries.

3- You must have a valid passport for up to 8 months from your date of arrival in Egypt.

4- The validity of the Egyptian e-Visa is for 90 days which starts from the date of issuance of your visa.

5- The maximum stay limit is upto 30 days.

6- No e-Visa is required for the Citizens of EU, Australian, Canadian and US nationals travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba resorts can take Visa-free entry in Egypt for up to a maximum of 15 days when arriving at Sharm el-Sheikh, Saint Catherine or Taba airports.



The visa timeline may vary from the method of application. Foreign nationals eligible for Visa On Arrival can get their travel permit upon arrival in Egypt. Though eligibility does not guarantee a hundred percent approval, travelers only have to wait for a few hours to know the result. 

Foreign nationals who can apply electronically have to wait about three to five days. The embassy advises eligible travelers to submit their application at least a week before their departure flight. 

Application through the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate may take at least ten business days or more. Foreign nationals may apply no earlier than three months. If the application takes place via mail, applicants should consider the delivery of the requirements. The delivery timeframe back and forth may vary depending on the courier.


Travelers stay in Egypt depending on the number of entries stated on their visas. 

1. Visa-On-Arrival and e-Visas

  • Valid for ninety (90) days from the date of issue
  • Valid for single-entry
  • Allows eligible travelers to stay in Egypt for a maximum of thirty (30) days

2. Single-entry Tourist Visas

  • Valid for one hundred eighty (180) days 
  • Allows eligible travelers to stay in Egypt for a maximum of sixty (60) days

3. Multiple-entry Tourist Visa

  • Valid for one hundred eighty (180) days 
  • Allows eligible travelers to stay in Egypt for a maximum of ninety (90) collective days


Eligible nationals have the option to extend their tourist visa. They can request a ninety (90) days extension by going to Egypt Passport and Immigration Administration. 

Requirement for Egypt Visa Extension

  • Printed passport copy
  • Existing Egypt Visa
  • Payment for the extension fee


In the interim, Visa-On-Arrival and E-Visas charged $25 for a single-entry Tourist Visa and $60 for a multiple-entry Tourist Visa. Diplomatic or official passports holders and UN Laissez-Passer get an exception on paying Egypt visa fees.  

Important Notice: Egypt embassy and Consulate fees may vary depending on the nationality, number of applicants, and entries. 

FAQs about Egyptian eVisa

 For long-stay, employment, or other visa inquiries, please reach out to the following embassies