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Visa Type Visa Cost (USD) Service Fee (USD) Number Of Entries Max Stay Validity Action
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evisa 36.00 49.00 Multiple 90 days 180 days





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Complete Application Guide to Georgia E-Visa 

Foreign nationals planning a trip to Georgia require a visa. Eligible visitors from several countries may get travel authorization via an online application. The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows other nationals to enter their borders for a year involving employment, tourism, education, and other purposes. 

The Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets up a portal for e-Visa, a seamless and convenient online application that authorizes entry for short-term travelers. With the use of the internet, getting a travel document to enter the country became hassle-free. Foreign nationals eligible to apply online may complete their form through their phone, tablet, or laptop.

The use of e-Visa is practically the same as how regular visas work. Eligible nationals for e Visa can lodge their application without going to a Consulate or Embassy of Georgia. All applicants can submit the visa application form, make a payment and print their travel documents online. Visa application through the online portal eliminates the need to wait in long lines in Consulate Offices or embassies.

Documents Required for Georgian eVisa Online / Visa on arrival / ETA / Invite letters

Applicants will have to upload their passport and digital picture (See the passport and photo criteria in the Requirements section below).

  Applicants may present supporting documents, which are the following: 

  • Passport or any eligible travel document with proof of identity
  • A letter or any document stating the purpose of travel
  • Travel and health insurance that covers the entire trip to Georgia
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • Proof of accommodation 

Applicants may pay the visa fee in the portal using their debit or credit cards. The cost for Georgia e-Visa is $20 and a 2% service fee per person. 

Applicants must use a valid email. All related notifications and confirmation get sent to the registered email address. Approved visas will be in a pdf form, which they can download and print afterward. Usually, the applicants get a notification status within twenty-four hours, but the processing may take up to a maximum of five business days.


Georgia E-Visa is for short-term travel, eligible for either single-entry and multiple-entry. The timeframe may vary. Travelers granted with single-entry Georgia E-Visa are eligible to stay for up to 30 days. On the other hand, multiple-entry allows foreign nationals to remain in Georgia for up to ninety days within 180 days.

Important Note: In the interim, Long-Term Visas are only eligible for Georgia Immigration Visa D5 category

Please note that specific types of Georgia visas require a visit to the Georgian consulate or embassy. 

If the applicant needs longer than ninety days, they may opt to apply for Immigration Visa (Category D) in the Consulate or embassy near them. Please note that the latter type requires a Residence Permit, which they must apply upon arrival in the country and renewable annually. After a month, foreign nationals may apply for a Residence Card.

Foreigners with Immigration Visas have to get a Residence Permit upon arrival in Georgia. They may get it to the Public Service Hall of the Georgian Ministry of Justice or Georgia Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Georgian E-Visa Requirements


Foreign nationals must prepare supporting documents when applying for Georgia E-Visa. Consulates or embassy requests for additional documents if necessary. Some papers require an Apostille Stamp or have to get notarized. Please note that the list below is not the full-scale requirements. Documents must be in Georgian or English language.

Foreign nationals must present the following: 

  • Complete the Georgia Visa Application Form Online
  • Passport must meet the following:

           - Issued within the last ten years

           - With two blank pages remaining

           - Must be valid at least 90 days before travel date in Georgia

  • Digital passport-size picture must meet the following:

           - 5 mm length x 4 mm width with 300 DPI resolution

           - Taken in a white background

           - Taken not older than six months and must have a resemblance to the applicant's current appearance

           - No glasses or headgears on (except for religious purposes)

  • Proof of financial capacity with the following documents:

           - Bank statement within the last six months

           - Certificate of Employment or payslip stating the salary

  • Roundtrip tickets
  • Valid travel health insurance that could cover the entire stay in Georgia
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of Georgia E-Visa payment

Additional Requirements per Type of Visa

      1. Ordinary Georgia Visa (Category C) 

       A. Georgian Tourist Visa (C1)

  • Tourists must present proof of accommodation in the form of the following documents:

          - Hotel reservation or;

          - Lease or Rental agreement or;

          - For foreign nationals staying in their family or friend's residence: Notarized Invitation Letter from Georgia's resident. Check the Invitation form on the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website

  • Foreign nationals traveling with an agency or organization must have an itinerary of their trip


       B. Georgian Business Visa (C3)

  • Foreign nationals traveling for business must have a notarized invitation letter from their company. Check the Invitation form on the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.
  • Proof of sponsorship or breakdown of expenses covered by the employer 
  • Certificate of Employment or a letter signed by the employer guarantees the trip for business purposes

      2. Georgia Immigration Visa (Category D)

  • Georgia Work Visa 
  • Employment Contract must have the following:

          - Start and end date (if applicable) of employment

          - Academic Certificates 

  • Georgia Student Visa

          - Enrollment letter from a school or education institute in Georgia

          - Bank statement within the last six months as proof of sufficient funds

          - Proof of sponsorship

          - Certificate of Scholarship

          - Proof of tuition fee payment

          - Record of academic track 


  • Georgia Student Visa 

          - For spouses: foreign national must present a marriage certificate

          - For children: foreign national must provide a birth certificate

          - Proof of the sponsor's residence status in Georgia


Georgia Visa Exceptions 

The country waives travel requirements for ninety-three countries that allow sallow nationals to stay, work and study in Georgian borders for up to one year. 


In the interim, members of the European Union, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia do not need a visa to enter Georgia or directly can enter with their IDs. The length of stay granted and documents required by the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs differs from one country to another.


Nationals with an existing and valid residence permit or visa from the European Union, the European Free Trade Association or The Gulf Cooperation Council, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, or the United States may stay in Georgia up to 90 days within 180 days.


Nationals with existing and valid residence permits and visas issued by overseas territories of European Union countries are also eligible for visa-free travel in Georgia, except passports issued by the following British Overseas Territories:

  • Anguilla
  • Montserrat
  • Pitcairn
  • Saint Helena
  • Ascension
  • Tristan da Cunha 

Nationals who have diplomatic or official/service passports issued by Egypt, Guyana, Indonesia, China, Iran, and Peru may stay in Georgia for up to one year. The same period of stay applies for eligible United Nations laissez-passer.


Nationals who are a member of the Georgia diaspora but own a passport from a country subject to a Georgia visa may stay in the country for up to 30 days.


Types of Georgian Visa

  1. Ordinary Diplomatic Visa (Category A)   

    - A1 - issued to high-ranking officials of the foreign executive and legislative authorities, delegations, and their family members on friendly, state, business, official, and unofficial visits

         - A2 - issued to consular officials and their family members, workers of diplomatic and equivalent missions to Georgia, representative of international organizations with diplomatic status in Georgia

         - A3 - issued to individuals or diplomatic couriers on a special diplomatic mission in Georgia

         - A4 -  issued to honorary consuls (with citizenship in other countries) and their accompanying family members 

         - A5 - issued to individuals who own a business, official or ordinary passport for missions involving national interests 

        2. Georgia Special Visa (Category B)

  • B1 - issued to foreign delegations members, individuals with service passports traveling for a working visit
  • B2 - issued to international and humanitarian organizations workers based in Georgia, technical, administrative, and service workers of foreign diplomatic missions, consular office employees, service staff and their family members, and domestic workers accompanying the individuals who have A2 diplomatic visa 
  • B3 - issued to individuals who visit for international bilateral and multilateral treaties of Georgia involved in peacekeeping forces, and other military delegates deployed under an international treaty 
  • B4 - issued to individuals deployed in different missions, which involves Georgia's national interests

       3. Ordinary Georgia Visa (Category C) - for tourism and short-term vacation divided into:

  • Tourist Visa C1 - solely for tourism purposes
  • Visitor Visa C2 - for family/friend visit
  • Business Visa C3 - for business purposes, such as sports and cultural events. Journalism is also part of the list. 
  • Mission Visa C4 - for humanitarian missions that involve critical and life-threatening situations

      4. Georgia Immigration Visa (Category D)

  • Work Visa D1 - for foreign nationals eligible to work in Georgia, either directly hired or transferring from an onshore counterpart of a Georgian company.
  • Recreational Visa D2 - issued for individuals carrying sports, cultural, scientific, or educational activities in Georgia  
  • Student Visa D3 - for international students who got qualified to enroll in Georgia's higher education.
  • Family Visa D4 - issued to foreigners applying for long-term residence to join a family member in Georgia 
  • Investor Visa D5 - issued to foreign nationals trading and investing in Georgia 

     5. Georgia Transit Visa (Category T) - a type of visa for foreigners who have to transit in Georgia going to another country with a maximum length of ten days

Traveling by air 


In the interim, Georgia requires foreign travelers to get vaccinated before arrival to Georgia. Visitors from many countries who completed two doses (one dose for Johnson & Johnson vaccine) must present proof confirming a complete COVID-19 vaccination.  Vaccinated foreign nationals do not need pre-registration and PCR tests. 

Important Note: A visitor whose point of origin is from the Republic of India has to declare travel history within fourteen days. Regardless of citizenship and full course vaccination, they must conduct and present a negative PCR test seventy-two hours before their travel to Georgia. Once they reach the country's border, they must undergo a fourteen days quarantine period, at their expense.


Traveling by land and sea

Pre-registration and full course vaccination are not necessary if a person travels by land and sea. However, they must present a negative PCR certificate. Travelers must have the result seventy-two hours before arrival in Georgia. Border authorities only accept PCR certificates written in Georgian, Russian, and English. Travelers below the age of ten do not need to undergo the examination. 

Children under the age of ten get exemption from the obligation to submit a negative PCR.

Georgia allows entry from the following States:

  • Member of European Union 
  • Citizen and resident of Israel 
  • Member of Swiss Federal Council
  • Member of Norwegian Kingdom 
  • Citizen and resident of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
  • Citizen and resident of Qatar
  • Citizen and resident of Kuwait
  • Citizen and resident of The United Arab Emirates
  • Citizen and resident of Armenia
  • Citizen and resident of Azerbaijan
  • Citizen and resident of Ukraine
  • Citizen and resident of Moldova
  • Citizen and resident of Kazakhstan
  • Member of the Russian Federation
  • Citizen and resident of Belarus
  • Citizen and resident of Uzbekistan
  • Citizen and resident of Tajikistan
  • Citizen and resident of Turkmenistan
  • Citizen and resident of People’s Republic of China
  • Citizen and resident of Citizen and resident of the Principality of Andorra
  • Citizen and resident of Albania
  • Citizen and resident of Northern Macedonia
  • Citizen and resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Citizen and resident of Japan
  • Citizen and resident of Korea
  • Member of the Oman Sultanate
  • Citizen and resident of San Marino
  • Citizen and resident of Monaco
  • Citizen and resident of Serbia
  • Citizen and resident of Iceland
  • Citizen and resident of Liechtenstein


States allowed for entry in Georgia under the following terms and conditions:

  • Citizens and residents of Turkey and the USA should travel from their country of origin including transit travel.
  • Citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia should present a negative RT-PCR test seventy-two hours before the date of travel in Georgia.
  • Citizens and residents of Bahrain must take an RT-PCR test within seventy-two hours of arrival in Georgia (at their own expense).
  • Citizens and residents of Ukraine must fill out a registration form through this link and declare travel history within the last fourteen days. Travelers also have to include contact details such as an address, email, and phone number before they could cross the border.
  • Citizens and residents of Turkmenistan who traveled to India within the last fourteen days will have to undergo a quarantine fourteen days upon arrival in Georgia (at their own expense).
  • Citizens and residents of Korea must present an RT-PCR result in Georgian, English, or Russian language.
  • Citizens and residents of San Marino under the age of ten get exempted from the mandatory RT-PCR test.




Travelers must agree and confirm that they have valid travel insurance during their entire stay in Georgia. They must read and understand the regulations for entering Georgia's territory.

Travelers must adhere to the safety protocols put in place to stop the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Below are the following COVID-19 travel requirements of Georgia: 

FAQs about Georgian eVisa

 For long-stay, employment, or other visa inquiries, please reach out to the following embassies