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Kenya Says Goodbye to Visas! New eTA System Starts

Embrace the New Electronic Travel Authorization System Starting January 2024. In a significant move to enhance travel convenience, President William Ruto has declared the transition from traditional visa processes to a more efficient electronic travel authorization (eTA) system for all nationalities. This groundbreaking change, commencing in January 2024, promises to streamline your Kenyan travel experience.

On December 12 2023, Kenya Government announced its e-Visa system and finally on 4 Jan 2024, the Department of Immigration Services launched its official site which allowed visitors around the world to apply online for an eTA for the Republic of Kenya without having to visit a Kenyan diplomatic mission. The maximum validity provided on the ETA is of 90 days. Kenya issues Single entry Visa for tourists who want to visit Kenya for sightseeing purposes or business related visits. Transit visas and Courtesy visas are also issued for certain purposes.

Anyone who wants to rush their ETA application process for Kenya should avail eTA service. The process is for those who need a visa quickly without going through the tedious ETA application process at embassies and consulates.

The Department of Immigration in Kenya launched an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program to allow visitors to apply for tourist, transit, or business ETA from the comfort of their home. Most of the time, the eTA application is approved within 3 working days while the visa is processed and issued electronically and sent through email.

What is an eTA?

The Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a digital system implemented by the Government of the Republic of Kenya to facilitate and manage the entry of foreign visitors into the country. This online platform serves as an efficient and secure way for travelers to seek permission to enter Kenya before their journey commences.

To obtain a Kenya eTA, travelers are required to submit their biographic information, answer eligibility questions, and fulfill the necessary documentation through this website. The eTA, once granted, signifies the government's authorization for the individual to travel to Kenya. However, it's important to note that possession of an eTA does not automatically guarantee entry; final admissibility is determined by immigration officers upon arrival.

The Kenya eTA not only streamlines the travel authorization process for visitors but also aligns with the government's efforts to digitize and modernize its immigration and entry procedures. It enhances security measures and contributes to a more organized and efficient system for both travelers and immigration authorities.

How does the Kenya eTA look?

Official Kenya eTA look as below:

Kenya ETA Look

Who is required to obtain the eTA?

The eTA is obligatory for all non-citizen visitors, with the exception of individuals from the EAC Member States intending to travel to Kenya. The 8 EAC Member States encompass The Republic of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Federal Republic of Somalia, the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, the Republic of South Sudan, the Republic of Uganda, and the United Republic of Tanzania.

Every eligible traveler must complete an eTA application before embarking on their journey. It is imperative to utilize the official Government website for application submission, as applications from third-party websites will be automatically rejected. For individuals under the age of 18, the responsibility of completing the application lies with the legal guardian, parent, or accompanying adult.

Kenya ETA Processing Time:

  1. Standard Service:

    • Processing Time: Approximately 3 working days.
    • Overview: Designed to fit most needs, ensuring careful and precise handling of your request.
  2. Urgent Service (Premium):

    • Processing Time: Expedited for quicker turnaround.
    • Overview: Tailored for urgent situations, prioritizing your request with additional resources for a significantly faster processing rate.

Whether you choose Standard or Urgent Service, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We aim to meet your needs promptly and proficiently.

The Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is conveniently available online and opens up various possibilities upon approval. These include:

  1. Tourism: Discovering the diverse attractions of Kenya as a tourist.
  2. Friends & Family: Visiting friends and family members residing in Kenya.
  3. Getting Married: Participating in wedding ceremonies or related events.
  4. Honeymoon: Embarking on a honeymoon trip within Kenya.
  5. East Africa Tourism: Engaging in tourism activities across the East African region.
  6. Business: Conducting business activities in Kenya.
  7. Conference: Attending conferences and related events.
  8. Crew (Planes or Ships): Serving as a crew member on aircraft or ships.
  9. Seaman (Fishing Vessel): Engaging in seafaring activities on fishing vessels.
  10. Diplomat on Official Visit: Diplomats traveling for official purposes.
  11. Religious Visit: Undertaking visits for religious purposes.
  12. Transit: Passing through Kenya en route to another destination.

It is essential to adhere to the specific guidelines and regulations associated with each activity, ensuring a smooth and lawful experience during the stay in Kenya.

Kenyan eTA Requirements

In order to apply for ETA for Kenya, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have a valid passport with up to 6 months remaining in its expiry. The passport should stay valid for six months starting from the date you arrived in Kenya.
  • The passport must have two empty pages to get entry and exit stamps at the border.
  • A valid email address to receive ETA.
  • A return ticket to show at the port of entry.

Guideline for eTA for Kenya

  • The ETA for Kenya is usually a visa for single entry and allows a maximum stay of 90 days in Kenya. However, ETA holders can also extend their stay after they reached in Kenya.
  • The ETA for Kenya is valid up to 3 months for entry in Kenya (the validity starts from the date of issue of ETA).
  • Applicants can apply for emergency ETA as well. The processing time and cost of which will vary as per the nationality and purpose of visit.
  • The Kenya ETA application cannot be processed during Kenyan National Holidays.
  • Travellers aged 18 or below also need to submit a ETA application, and valid transport documents are required at the time of entry in Kenya.
  • Having an ETA is surely not a final authority to enter into the Republic of Kenya.
  • Without a passport, the traveller cannot get an entry permit to Kenya. However, if a traveller has a national ID card, then he/she should apply through Kenyan Immigration Services.

Documents Required for Kenyan eVisa Online / Visa on arrival / ETA / Invite letters

1- A recent digital photograph of the applicant:

You should remember that your photo will do fulfill these criteria:

  • Should be taken within the last three months and best quality of photo paper.
  • Not black and white photo
  • Be taken 2 inches by 2 inches
  • your forehead should be viewed full frontal with your face centered and keep a neutral smile.
  • Don't use headwear.

    Applicant photograph for Kenyan eVisa

2- Scanned color copies of your passport:

  • To need passport first page biographical details to ETA
  • Two blank page on the passport
  • To valid for next 6 months
  • be torn, missing number and word or altered in any other way
  • if your passport has not fulfilled these requirements, you don't apply for a ETA.

    Passport first page biographical

3- Accommodation proof of where are you staying during your stay

4- A contact address of someone you know in Kenya

5- Copy of your Return or onward journey flight tickets.

Documents required

  • A copy of your passport in PDF format
  • A passport size colour photograph in JPEG format
  • A debit or credit card for the online payment
  • Proof of travel or stay, for example, flight confirmation or hotel reservation
  • Evidence of appropriate funds required during the stay in Kenya (in other words recent bank statement)
  • A copy of your application form's confirmation page to get your e-visa stamped.
  • An invitation letter from the company, or family or hospital (in case of health services)

Submitting a ETA Application

To submit an urgent or normal ETA application, you need to login into this website and fill out the eTA application form. You need to carefully fill your personal and passport-related information and answer security, health, and travel-related questions. It takes only a few minutes to fill out the ETA application form online.

While submitting the ETA application, you must know that once paid, the visa processing fee is not refundable. An incomplete application form will be rejected immediately. The approved eTA application form is linked electronically to the applicant's passport, and a copy of the application in PDF format is sent via email.

1- You need to apply for a single entry ETA for Kenya if you wish to visit Kenya for tourism, business related trip.

2- You need to apply for transit ETA only if the time period is exceeding 72 hours. If you are going to spend less than 72 hours within the transit area, then you don’t require a transit visa for Kenya.

3- Diplomatic, Official and Service passport holders needs courtesy visa which is issued free of cost. It is issued only to government officials and dignitaries on official duties.

4- Upto 8 countries are allowed to visit Kenya ETA-free

5- Maximum validity of the ETA offered is upto 90 days.

6- The maximum number of days a visitor may stay in Kenya is 6 months.

Kenyan eTA cost

After successfully filling the online ETA application, the next important step is to choose the method of online payment. The ETA cost includes the eTA service fee and a government fee. Usually, the cost of urgent eTA is slightly higher than the normal eTA fee. Similarly, the fee for super urgent eTA is higher amongst all.

The applicant can pay the cost via Mastercard, PayPal or via any other debit/credit card. Government fee is basically the cost that traveller has to pay for the Kenyan immigration department to avail their ETA services.

FAQs about Kenyan eVisa

 For long-stay, employment, or other visa inquiries, please reach out to the following embassies