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  • Expanding Saudi Arabia's Electronic Visa Program: An Overview

Expanding Saudi Arabia's Electronic Visa Program: An Overview

Expanding Saudi Arabia's Electronic Visa Program: An Overview

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has significantly expanded the reach of its electronic visa system, incorporating access for citizens from Barbados, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and Grenada

This strategic move underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to streamlining entry processes and promoting global cultural and economic exchange. By enhancing the ease of access, the Kingdom aims to position itself as a welcoming destination for diverse global audiences.

Detailed Enhancements in the E-Visa Program

Saudi Arabia has significantly enhanced its e-visa program, now extending eligibility to citizens from 66 countries. This expansion is designed to attract diverse visitors and reinforce the kingdom's global standing.

The improvements cater to tourists, business travellers, Umrah pilgrims, and transit passengers, benefitting from a more streamlined travel process, highlighting Saudi Arabia's strategic appeal and cultural richness. Let's delve into the specifics of these enhancements.

Extended Eligibility: 

The recent expansion increases the total number of countries whose citizens can benefit from the Saudi arabia evisa initiative to 66. This broadening of scope is designed to cater to a wider international demographic, fostering increased global interactions.

New Countries Include:

  • Barbados
  • The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • Grenada

Benefits for Various Traveler Types:

  • Tourists: The simplified process enables tourists to explore Saudi Arabia's rich cultural landscapes and historical sites more easily.
  • Business Travelers: The e-visa facilitates international business attendees to participate in various trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences, promoting Saudi Arabia as a hub for business and commerce.
  • Umrah Pilgrims: Enhancements to the visa process significantly improve the experience for religious pilgrims, aligning with the Kingdom’s role as a spiritual centre for Muslims worldwide.

Transit Visa Introduction:

  • Short Stay Benefits: Introducing a 96-hour transit visa for passengers travelling through Saudia and Flynas Airlines enhances Saudi Arabia's strategic position as a pivotal transit hub, supporting the Kingdom’s aviation sector and providing travellers with the opportunity to experience a brief stay.

Strategic Goals and Cultural Integration

Initiated in September 2019 by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, the e-visa program forms a critical element of the nation’s comprehensive tourism strategy. This plan is designed to:

  • Highlight Saudi Cultural Heritage: The program aims to attract international visitors by showcasing the Kingdom's diverse cultural offerings and historic treasures.
  • Encourage Global Dialogue: By facilitating easier access, Saudi Arabia hopes to foster greater international interactions, dialogue, and cultural exchange.
  • Economic Impact: The e-visa program is expected to contribute significantly to the Kingdom’s economic growth by boosting tourism and business, aligning with broader economic diversification efforts outlined in Vision 2030.


With the expansion of the e-visa program, Saudi Arabia is making significant strides towards realising its aspiration to be a leading global destination for tourism, business, and cultural exchange. This development facilitates travel and enhances Saudi Arabia’s international profile as a dynamic and accessible destination, supporting its long-term economic and cultural objectives.


What is the expanded electronic visa program in Saudi Arabia, and who can benefit from it?

The expanded electronic visa program in Saudi Arabia aims to broaden the scope of travellers who can easily and conveniently apply for visas to enter the country. This program has been specifically designed to enhance the accessibility for tourists, business travellers, and those passing through Saudi Arabia. Extended eligibility criteria now accommodate a wider range of nationalities and purposes of visits, positioning the Kingdom as a more welcoming destination for international visitors.

What are the main enhancements made to the e-Visa program?

Significant enhancements to the e-Visa program include simplifying the application process, extending visa validity, and introducing new visa types, such as the transit visa. 

These improvements are designed to facilitate a smoother entry process for international visitors, encouraging more tourists and business professionals to visit Saudi Arabia. The program also focuses on integrating cultural experiences into the visitors' journey, promoting a deeper understanding of Saudi heritage.

How does introducing a transit visa benefit travellers passing through Saudi Arabia?

The introduction of a transit visa marks a strategic move to leverage Saudi Arabia's geographic location as a central travel hub. This visa type benefits travelers by allowing them a short stay in the Kingdom, which can be utilised to explore the country's rich cultural heritage and modern attractions without needing a full visitor visa. It's an excellent option for those seeking a brief stopover or layover experience, making long-haul travel more enjoyable and culturally enriching.

What are the strategic goals behind expanding the e-visa program in Saudi Arabia?

The strategic goals behind expanding the e-Visa program include increasing tourism revenue, promoting cultural exchange, and enhancing Saudi Arabia's image as a leading travel destination on the global stage. 

By streamlining the visa application process and making the Kingdom more accessible to diverse visitor demographics, Saudi Arabia aims to attract more international tourists and business professionals, thereby contributing to its economic diversification and global cultural outreach.

What benefits can different types of travellers expect from the enhanced e-Visa program?

Different types of travellers can look forward to a range of benefits from the enhanced e-Visa program, including easier application processes, extended visa validity periods, and the introduction of visas tailored to meet the needs of various visitor types. 

Tourists can immerse themselves in Saudi Arabia's rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty, business travellers enjoy simplified entry for meetings and conferences, and transit passengers can take advantage of short-term stays to explore the Kingdom's offerings. The improvements are designed to cater to international visitors' distinct needs and preferences, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free visit.

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