Top Tourist SIM Cards for Tourists in Armenia

When travelling in Armenia, it is advisable to opt for a SIM card from leading providers such as MTS, Beeline, Ucom, or consider the option of Airalo, which will be discussed further in this article. However, if your travel plans extend beyond Armenia to other Asian countries, it is prudent to select a SIM card that provides coverage in multiple Asian destinations.


Guidelines for Acquiring a SIM Card in Armenia

To obtain an Armenia prepaid SIM card, you have the option of purchasingone in person at select international airports,mobile provider stores, convenience stores, or through online channels.

It's worth noting that acquiring a SIM card at the airport may involve higher costs and less favourable data offers, making it less advisable. While not all airports may have dedicated SIM card shops, even when available, the options might be limited.

For a more comprehensive and preferable selection, it is recommended to purchase a SIM card directly from a mobile provider store. Keep in mind that having your passport on hand may be necessary for the purchase.

However, it's important to note that obtaining a SIM card from a provider store means you won't have immediate access to data upon arrival. If staying constantly connected is a priority, you might consider alternatives such as using an eSIM or procuring an Asia prepaid SIM card online.

1. MTS


MTS in Armenia offers diverse prepaid SIM card plans with competitive data and durations, providing reliable network coverage. Popular among both locals and tourists, MTS ensures seamless communication and internet access in the country.

Explore MTS Prepaid SIM Card Options for Tourists

Embark on your journey in Armenia with MTS, where a diverse range of prepaid SIM card plans awaits. Tailored to cater to the needs of tourists, these plans provide ample data for a seamless and connected experience during your stay.




Validity (Days)

Price (AMD)

4 GB Plan

4 GB



6 GB Plan

6 GB



10 GB Plan

10 GB



20 GB Plan

20 GB



38 GB Plan

38 GB



  • 4 GB Plan - Stay Connected Moderately : Enjoy 4 GB of data valid for 30 days, striking a balance between connectivity and affordability.
  • 6 GB Plan - Enhanced Connectivity for Your Travels: Opt for the 6 GB plan, ensuring extended connectivity throughout your 30-day stay in Armenia.
  • 10 GB Plan - Ideal for Streaming and Exploration: Immerse yourself in the Armenian experience with a 10 GB data plan designed for seamless streaming and online exploration.
  • 20 GB Plan - Uninterrupted Connectivity for Longer Stays: Choose the 20 GB plan for an extended period of uninterrupted connectivity during your 30-day visit to Armenia.
  • 38 GB Plan - Maximum Data for a Comprehensive Experience: For those seeking an extensive data allowance, the 38 GB plan ensures a comprehensive and data-rich experience throughout your stay.

Explore MTS Network Coverage 

Benefit from MTS's extensive network coverage, ensuring a reliable and robust connection wherever your travels take you in Armenia. Stay connected in cities, towns, and picturesque landscapes, experiencing the convenience of MTS's widespread network coverage.


2. Beeline

Beeline is a leading mobile telecommunications provider in Armenia, offering two prepaid plans with unlimited data for 30 days. With reliable network coverage, Beeline is a preferred choice for users seeking seamless connectivity and communication throughout their time in Armenia.


Discover Beeline Prepaid Plans for Seamless Connectivity

Embark on your journey in Armenia with Beeline, offering two distinct prepaid plans designed to cater to your data needs during your stay.


Explore Unlimited Data with Beeline - 30 Days of Connectivity

Choose from Beeline's prepaid plans, both offering unlimited data for a duration of 30 days. Whether you opt for the standard plan or the enhanced version, enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your time in Armenia.

Navigate Armenia with Beeline Network Coverage

Stay connected across Armenia with Beeline's expansive network coverage. From bustling city centres to scenic landscapes, Beeline ensures a reliable and robust connection, providing convenience and connectivity wherever your travels take you.


3. Ucom

Ucom is a prominent mobile telecommunications provider in Armenia, featuring two SIM-only plans with varying data allowances for 30 days. Known for its extensive network coverage, Ucom is a popular choice, offering reliable connectivity and communication options for both locals and visitors in Armenia.


Explore Ucom's SIM-Only Plans for Optimal Connectivity

Discover the versatility of Ucom's SIM-only plans, providing options tailored to meet your data needs during your time in Armenia.


Experience Generous Data Allowances with Ucom

Choose from Ucom's SIM-only plans, each offering a substantial amount of data for a duration of 30 days. Whether you opt for the 10GB plan for moderate usage or the 30GB plan for a more data-intensive experience, Ucom ensures you stay connected throughout your stay in Armenia.

Navigate Armenia with Ucom Network Coverage

Stay connected across the diverse landscapes of Armenia with Ucom's extensive network coverage. From vibrant cityscapes to picturesque rural areas, Ucom ensures a reliable and robust connection, allowing you to explore and stay connected wherever your journey takes you.


Convenient Ways to Purchase an Armenia Prepaid SIM Card Online

Secure your Armenia prepaid SIM card in advance by exploring online options available on reputable platforms.

  • Amazon - Diverse Plans for Your Convenience

If you prefer having your SIM card ready upon arrival, consider purchasing it online through platforms like Amazon. Amazon offers various plans, such as the Prepaid Asia-Pacific SIM card, providing unlimited data for 14 days across more than 17 countries, including Armenia. Explore the available options to ensure compatibility with the countries on your travel itinerary.

  • Simify - Tailored Solutions for US and Australia Residents

Another online option is Simify, catering to residents of the United States and Australia. They provide three distinct packages covering Armenia, such as a 6 GB plan valid for 15 days, working in 120 countries, and another 6 GB plan valid for 15 days, designed for use in 18 countries. Discover the offerings on Simify to find a plan that suits your travel needs.

  •  eSIM Solutions for Flexibility

Opt for the convenience of an eSIM card tailored for Armenia or, for those exploring multiple countries, consider an eSIM plan for Asia. Embrace the flexibility and ease of online purchase, ensuring that you stay connected seamlessly during your travels.

Acquiring an eSIM Card for Armenia

Embrace the innovative concept of eSIMs, revolutionising the way you manage your mobile connectivity with a virtual SIM card embedded within your phone.

  • Unlock the Benefits of eSIMs in Armenia

If your mobile device supports eSIM technology, it stands as an excellent choice for obtaining data in Armenia. Discover the advantages of eSIMs for travellers by exploring detailed information on eSIM Roamers.

  • Personal Experience with eSIMs

Having adopted eSIM technology as soon as it became available for my mobile phone, I found it to be a convenient and efficient solution for seamless connectivity. To procure eSIMs, I often rely on Airalo, a trusted and reliable eSIM provider known for its user-friendly services.

  • Discover the Best eSIMs for Armenia

Explore the realm of eSIMs tailored for Armenia by delving into the details of the top options available. For further insights into the best eSIMs for your Armenian travels, continue reading and stay informed.

1. Airalo e-SIM

For those seeking an eSIM solution for Armenia, Airalo proves to be a reliable platform offering a variety of eSIM cards to cater to your connectivity needs.

  • Airalo's Global eSIM Selection

Airalo stands out as a comprehensive website providing a diverse range of eSIM cards globally, with specialised plans for Asia and, specifically, Armenia. Whether you're a frequent traveller or planning a visit to Armenia, Airalo offers a user-friendly experience for obtaining eSIMs.

  • Arpi Telecom eSIM Options

Among the available options on Airalo for Armenia is the Arpi Telecom eSIM. This provider offers various data plans to suit different preferences and usage patterns. Explore the choices, ranging from 1 GB valid for 7 days to 5 GB valid for 30 days, designed to accommodate diverse connectivity needs during your stay in Armenia.

  • Reliable Performance with Airalo

With several months of personal experience using Airalo, I can attest to its reliable performance. The platform has consistently delivered a seamless and effective eSIM service, making it a trusted choice for those seeking a hassle-free connectivity solution.


2. Holafly e-SIM Choices

For those in search of eSIM options for Armenia, Holafly presents an alternative platform to consider. Take a closer look at the offerings on Holafly, and for more detailed insights, you can refer to our comprehensive Holafly review.

Holafly e-SIM Choices
  • Holafly's eSIM Plans Overview

 Holafly emerges as a notable eSIM store, providing a distinct set of plans for users seeking connectivity solutions in Armenia. Delve into the specifics of their offerings to determine the most suitable eSIM plan for your travel needs.

  • Holafly Review for In-Depth Information

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Holafly's services and offerings, you may refer to our detailed Holafly review. This resource provides valuable insights into the platform's features, reliability, and user experience, aiding you in making an informed decision.

  • Holafly's Armenia eSIM Plan

Among the available options on Holafly is the Armenia eSIM plan, which includes a data allowance of 8 GB valid for 30 days. Evaluate the details of this plan to ascertain its compatibility with your data usage requirements during your stay in Armenia.

3. Nomad e-SIM Options

For those seeking eSIM solutions for Armenia, Nomad stands out as a notable eSIM provider offering a range of plans to cater to diverse connectivity needs.

  • Nomad's Armenia eSIM Plans Overview

Nomad presents an array of eSIM plans designed specifically for Armenia. Discover the details of these plans to find the most suitable option based on your data requirements and travel duration in Armenia.

  • Nomad's Global eSIM Plan

In addition to Armenia-specific plans, Nomad offers a global eSIM plan providing coverage in Armenia and various other locations. Gain insights into the details of this global plan to determine its compatibility with your travel itinerary.

Concluding Thoughts on Connectivity Options in Armenia

Acquiring a prepaid SIM card or an eSIM for your travels in Armenia is a straightforward process, offering convenient options to stay connected during your journey.

  • Seamless Connectivity Across Armenia

Whether opting for a traditional prepaid SIM card or embracing the convenience of an eSIM, staying connected throughout Armenia is easily achievable. Explore the various plans available to suit your data needs and travel duration.

  • Extended Coverage in Asia

Consider purchasing an Asia plan to ensure continuous connectivity across various Asian countries without the hassle of changing SIM cards. This provides a seamless experience as you explore different destinations in the region.

  • Convenience of eSIM for Instant Connectivity

Emphasising the convenience of eSIMs, obtaining data upon arrival becomes hassle-free. By using an eSIM, you eliminate the need to visit a store for a physical SIM card, streamlining the process for a smoother start to your travels.

  • Check Device Compatibility

Before opting for an eSIM, ensure that your mobile phone supports this technology. Confirming compatibility is crucial to maximise the benefits of this convenient connectivity solution.


You can buy a SIM card in Armenia at international airports, mobile provider stores, convenience stores, or online. It's recommended to avoid purchasing at the airport for better prices and options.

MTS, Beeline, and Ucom are popular mobile providers in Armenia, offering various prepaid SIM card plans suitable for tourists.

Yes, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card or an eSIM for Armenia online through platforms like Amazon, Airalo, Holafly, and Nomad. This allows you to have your SIM card or eSIM ready for use upon arrival.

The eSIM offers the advantage of being a virtual SIM card embedded in your phone, eliminating the need for a physical card. It provides flexibility, allowing you to easily switch between different plans and carriers without changing the physical SIM card.

Yes, mobile providers in Armenia, such as MTS, Beeline, Ucom, Airalo, Holafly, and Nomad, offer data plans specifically designed for tourists. These plans often include varying data allowances and durations to suit different travel needs.

Yes, some providers offer Asia plans or global eSIM plans that provide coverage across multiple countries in Asia. This allows you to stay connected seamlessly during your travels without changing SIM cards.