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  • 15 Activities to do in Germany for two weeks

15 Activities to do in Germany for two weeks

Germany, a captivating nation in the heart of Europe, enthrals visitors with its historical significance, cultural richness, and scenic beauty. Whether you're fascinated by mediaeval castles, sprawling art museums, or charming Christmas markets, Germany has something to offer everyone. For a truly unforgettable two-week adventure, consider incorporating some of these diverse activities into your itinerary:

Immerse Yourself in History at the Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

If you're planning a trip to Germany, make sure to visit the Brandenburg Gate. This historic sandstone monument was built in the 18th century and is a must-see attraction in Berlin. Located in the bustling Pariser Platz square, the gate is an impressive sight that symbolises Germany's past triumphs and struggles. During the Cold War, it represented the city's division, but after Germany's reunification, it became a symbol of peace and unity. Visiting the Brandenburg Gate is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's rich history and witness a powerful reminder of the nation's resilience and ability to come together in harmony.

Take a Break for Delicious Pastries

Conquered the Brandenburg Gate? Time to celebrate with a sugary reward! Take a delightful detour at a cosy Berlin bakery and immerse yourself in the glorious world of German pastries. Imagine row upon row of fresh-out-of-the-oven delights: fluffy Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake) with its caramelised almond topping, a slice of classic Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake) bursting with dark chocolate, kirsch-soaked cherries, and whipped cream, or perhaps a vibrant slice of Donauwelle (Danube Wave Cake) with its marbled layers of vanilla and cherry.

Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)

Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)

Don't forget to explore the other tempting options – a crumbly wedge of Mohnkuchen (Poppy Seed Cake), a delicate swirl of Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel), or a hearty piece of Käsekuchen (German Cheesecake).

To complete this quintessential German experience, grab a cup of aromatic coffee or a soothing tea. Sink into the warm atmosphere of the bakery, savour the delightful treats, and recharge for your next adventure. This sugary break is guaranteed to leave you with happy memories and a taste of German indulgence!

Explore the Enchanting City of Potsdam

As your German adventure nears its end, consider a captivating side trip to Potsdam, a jewel nestled southwest of Berlin. Steeped in history and boasting the UNESCO World Heritage designation, Potsdam offers a glimpse into the grandeur of Prussia's past. The magnificent Sanssouci Palace reigns supreme here, its golden facade and sprawling gardens beckoning exploration.

Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace

Imagine meticulously manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and whimsical fountains adorning the palace grounds. Step inside Sanssouci and marvel at the intricate details of its Rococo architecture. Beyond Sanssouci, Potsdam boasts other architectural gems like the Neues Palais (New Palace) and the Cecilienhof Palace.

Potsdam isn't just about palaces; the Dutch Quarter offers a unique European atmosphere with its red-brick houses and charming canals. Whether you're a history buff or simply seeking a picturesque escape, Potsdam promises an enchanting experience that will leave you feeling like you've stepped into a real-life fairytale.

Shopping Spree on Berlin's Bustling Streets

Unleash your inner shopaholic and explore Berlin's diverse shopping havens. The famous Kurfürstendamm Avenue boasts a captivating blend of designer stores, luxury brands, and department stores catering to all tastes and budgets. For a more unique experience, delve into the charming streets of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, or Friedrichshain, brimming with independent boutiques, vintage shops, and trendy concept stores offering an eclectic mix of fashion, homeware, and local crafts. Don't forget to explore the vibrant street markets like Mauerpark or Arkonaplatz for hidden treasures and a touch of local flair.

Gallop Through Scenic Landscapes

Craving an adventure beyond the city limits? Consider a thrilling horseback riding expedition near Ludwigsfelde! Several stables in the area cater to riders of all experience levels, offering guided tours that weave through idyllic forests, scenic parks, and charming countryside.

Leisure western rider on galloping horses outdoors in autumn

Leisure western rider on galloping horses outdoors in autumn

Imagine yourself cantering through verdant landscapes, the wind in your hair and the rhythmic clop of hooves a calming counterpoint. Experienced riders might have opportunities to trot or even gallop across open fields. But even beginners can enjoy the tranquillity of a gentle walk through the serene countryside.

This activity offers a unique chance to connect with majestic horses and experience the beauty of Ludwigsfelde's surroundings from a fresh perspective.

Embrace the City by Bike

Ludwigsfelde isn't just a charming town; it's a cyclist's dream! With a well-developed network of dedicated bike paths and mostly flat terrain, exploring the area on two wheels is a breeze. Whether you prefer independent exploration or guided tours, Ludwigsfelde offers something for every cyclist.

Rent a bike

Rent a bike from a local shop and set off on your own adventure. Cruise along the scenic Nuthe Canalpath, a mostly flat route that follows the water's edge and offers beautiful views. For a touch of history, explore the grounds of the picturesque Großbeeren Manor on your bike.

Cycling allows you to experience Ludwigsfelde at your own pace. Stop and admire the scenery, grab a bite at a local café, or simply enjoy the fresh air and exercise. It's a sustainable, healthy, and immersive way to discover the town's hidden corners and surrounding beauty.

Encounter Icons at Madame Tussauds

Immerse yourself in a world of life-like celebrities, historical figures, and sports stars at Madame Tussauds Berlin! This interactive wax museum promises an entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. Imagine rubbing elbows with your favourite A-list celebrity, snapping a selfie with Angela Merkel, or even reenacting a historical moment alongside life-sized figures.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

The museum features various themed sections, allowing you to mingle with Hollywood royalty on the red carpet, stand toe-to-toe with sporting legends, or even come face-to-face with iconic figures from German history. This isn't just a passive viewing experience; Madame Tussauds Berlin encourages interaction. Feel free to strike a pose next to your favourite singer, practise your political debate skills with a wax figure, or recreate a scene from your favourite movie.

Become a Chocolatier for a Day at Ritter Sport

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a chocolatier? Turn that dream into a delicious reality at the Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory in Waldenbuch, Germany! This interactive experience is a must-do for any chocolate enthusiast, young or old. Under the guidance of experts, you'll unlock the secrets behind crafting the iconic Ritter Sport squares. Learn about the chocolate-making process, from bean to bar, and experiment with various techniques.

Ritter Sport Chocolate

Ritter Sport Chocolate

The fun doesn't stop there! Unleash your creativity and design your very own personalised chocolate bar. Play with different flavours, textures, and inclusions – will it be a classic combination of whole nuts and milk chocolate or a daring mix of fruit and chilli flakes? The possibilities are endless!

Confront History at the Berlin Wall Memorial

Reflect on a pivotal moment in history with a visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentary Center. This poignant site commemorates the division of Berlin during the Cold War era. Walk along the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall, a powerful symbol of separation. Explore the adjoining open-air exhibition and the indoor documentary centre, which shed light on the history of the Wall, its impact on the lives of Berliners, and the struggle for freedom. The Berlin Wall Memorial serves as a stark reminder of the past and a powerful message of hope for the future.

The Great Berlin Wall

The Great Berlin Wall

Soar Above the City at the Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm)

Imagine soaring 368 metres above Berlin with your family! The iconic TV Tower (Fernsehturm) offers a bird's-eye view unlike any other. This thrilling adventure is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for all ages.

Zip up to the observation deck in a high-speed elevator, watching the city transform into a miniature model beneath you. As the doors slide open, prepare to be awestruck by the breathtaking panoramic views. The entire Berlin landscape, a tapestry of historical landmarks, sprawling avenues, and verdant parks will be spread out before you.

Berlin TV Tower - The Fernsehturm Berlin TV Tower - The Fernsehturm

Berlin TV Tower - The Fernsehturm

The Berlin TV Tower is more than just a sightseeing destination; it's an unforgettable experience for the whole family. It's a chance to create lasting memories, capture breathtaking photos, and gain a newfound appreciation for the vibrant city of Berlin.

Treasure Hunt at a Sunday Market

Immerse yourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of a Berlin Sunday Market (Flohmarkt). Explore a treasure trove of pre-loved items, from vintage clothing and antiques to quirky souvenirs and handcrafted goods. Bargain hunt for unique finds, browse through eclectic collections and soak up the lively market energy. Many Sunday Markets also offer delicious street food, making it a fun and affordable family outing.

Navigate the City Like a Local with Berlin's Trains

Berlin boasts an excellent public transportation system, making exploring the city easily using its efficient and affordable trains. The U-Bahn (underground railway) and S-Bahn (commuter railway) offer extensive networks connecting all major districts and landmarks. Purchase a Berlin WelcomeCard for discounted travel on public transport, including buses and trams, plus savings on various attractions. With a user-friendly system and frequent departures, Berlin's trains allow you to navigate the city effortlessly, maximising your time and minimising stress.

S-Bahn (commuter railway)

S-Bahn (commuter railway)

Unwind in the Heart of Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt Square

Gendarmenmarkt Square is a visual feast, offering a harmonious blend of architectural styles. Marvel at the grandeur of the Konzerthaus concert hall, the Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral), and the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral). Relax on a bench and soak in the atmosphere, or enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes lining the square. Gendarmenmarkt Square provides a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city, perfect for a break between sightseeing adventures.

Gengarmenmart Square

Gengarmenmart Square

Confronting the Past: A Visit to Third Reich Memorials

Berlin acknowledges its complex history by preserving remnants of the Third Reich era. Visit the powerful Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas (Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe), a vast field of concrete slabs that serves as a sombre reminder of the Holocaust. Explore the Topography of Terror, an open-air exhibition occupying the former site of the Gestapo and SS headquarters. These memorials offer a crucial opportunity to learn about this dark period in history and ensure such atrocities never happen again.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Deciphering the World at Your Fingertips: The Berlin World Clock

Imagine yourself standing in the heart of Berlin's bustling Alexanderplatz, surrounded by iconic landmarks and the city's vibrant energy. But a historical gem catches your eye amidst the modern scene: the Weltzeituhr (World Clock). This isn't just any clock; it's a fascinating time capsule offering a glimpse into the world beyond Berlin's borders.

World clock World clock

World clock

The World Clock is a large, cylindrical structure adorned with the names of 148 major cities around the globe. Each city has its corresponding time displayed on the clock face, allowing you to embark on a whirlwind journey around the world without ever leaving the square.

The World Clock is a free and accessible activity, perfect for a quick stop between sightseeing adventures. So snap a photo with this unique landmark, test your geographical knowledge, and let it inspire your next travel adventure!

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